Things that worked for me

Before I start, I need to make it clear that I am NO WAY qualified to give advice or counselling and I only aim to share what worked for me.

I remember googling a LOT to try and help me find “answers” and I hope that somewhere on this blog, you’ve found something of value for you.

So, what worked for me in my P.N.D Journey:

……When I realised I needed help, I didn’t hesitate to seek counselling and booked in the next day to talk to my G.P about it.  She then referred me to a Psychologist who I started seeing twice a week. Remember, there is nothing to be ashamed of and you will not be judged.

…….Be 100% open with your Counsellor so they know exactly where you are at.  I was asked if I had any self-harm thoughts and the answer was a straight YES!

……Talking to family/friends that would LISTEN…..and avoiding those that would try and “fix me” or give me “their solutions”.

…….When I felt lost and desperate I would text a dear friend… “Have you got a few minutes to chat?”  I found it easier to reach out on the dark days via text rather than calling in a blubbering mess straight away.  (Of course the phone call would lead me to cry, but it was easier for me to initiate help)

……Reminding myself that I WOULD get through it…

…….Having time-out; getting a facial, getting my hair done, hanging out with a girlfriend bub free!  It was in these times that I would feel “normal” and more confident within myself.

……. Journalling….I’ve always found that when I write things down, I feel clearer and able to process my emotion better as they are now “out of me” and on paper.

……..Getting out of the god damn house!


Remember you are WOW and all will be ok xx Jods


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