About Me

So, you wanna know a bit about me….well here goes…

The trivial stuff:

I am 32 years young, and look at any glass as the glass is half full.

I am a Mother to a gorgeous baby girl; Genevieve born in Dec 2011 but alas, have had a rough ride in Motherhood and coming out of P.N.D. (post-natal depression)

I am a VERY happily married woman to a man (well, boy actually), that I met when I was 16 years of age when I walked into my first Tae-Kwon-Do class. Needless to say I became a regular student!

I am self-employed and feel sorry for my first boss where I realised, I hated being an employee and being told what to do! (Sorry Scott!)  I’ve had 3 major career changes in my life (so far!) 1. Cooking  2. Accounting 3. Aerobics instructor/Personal Trainer…..

I love….., No wait…….., I’m deeply, madly, passionately in love with wine and food and even better: wine and food together 🙂

I do actually sing in the shower.

I am crap at reading maps or any directions of any kind.

My favourite movie of all time is ROCKY 🙂

The meatier stuff:

I value variety, which means I’m naturally dis-organised in an organised way and forever saying to my dear Husband….”Have you seen my <insert any missing object here>?”

I value variety so highly in my life, that it’s a no-brainer answer for me, when a girlfriend who lives in Perth, just recently sent me an email asking…

“Hey Jods,

It’s my birthday in a few days and I’ll be in Sydney for the day. I know you live in Brisbane and have your 7 month old bub to look after, but would you like to fly to Sydney and come to lunch with me to celebrate?”

My answer: HELL YES!

Moving right along…..I am stubborn – period.

If I want to do something I WILL, which has seen me achieve a few crazy endeavours;

…Running and finishing my first marathon in the ever so painful time of 6hrs 11 minutes after cramping set in from the 10 km mark.

…Being scared s***less and Bungy Jumping in New Zealand all because my Father told me, “You won’t do that?”

…Setting up my Fitness Business (with my dear Hubby) at the ripe age of 24 years with absolutely no idea of what we were in for, and facing failure in just 4 short months.  Thank god for my parents… We moved back into my folks place and battled our way for another 18 months to get the business working – walking away from it was not an option for my ego! (Thanks Mum and Dad xx)

I only have one regret in life and I’d like to keep it that way and if you are my Mother, or Father please stop reading now!

I regret not having wild passionate love with my Husband when we were in a French wine cellar during a 5 week European adventure.  After sampling many a wines, we were relatively tipsy and enjoying a quiet snog in the corner.

The cellar room was empty, the room was dark and the moment was heating up………but alas we chickened out for fear of getting caught 😦

The Powerhouse of Spirit Blog was born from my desire to DO something positive with all of the emotions churning inside of me.  Coming out of the dark depths of P.N.D. made me realise that life is so damn short and run by a power higher than me!

Best I strap in for this ride called life and start enjoying the journey EVERYDAY, rather than whingeing like a 2 year old saying, “Are we there yet?

I hope this conversation, although one-sided at this stage has added value to your day and I do look forward to finding out more about YOU!

Drop me a comment, ask me question or just say Hi!

Hugs and High 5’s……….. Jods xx


4 thoughts on “About Me”

  1. Anonymous said:

    I’ve really enjoyed reading your pages and humbled by your sharing. You’ve bought many tears to my eyes. Thank you. You are rather amazing and Gen is so blessed to have you as her mum!

    • WOW and thank you for your kind words! Sorry to make you cry :(……..but very happy that you’ve enjoyed my blog! I hope you have a WOW rest of your night and look forward to connecting again! 🙂

  2. Jods, you have made me smile, giggle, and tear up. you are an amazing person, who enriches the lives of people who come in contact with you!x

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