I saw a lady a few months ago out with her bub when I was out walking with Gen in the pram.

She was sitting on a park bench with her baby in a pram too.

She was smoking a cigarette.

I went to the shops yesterday with Gen, to get some groceries and there was a young girl, maybe grade 5 or 6 with her Mum too.

She was eating something, I don’t know what.

She was overweight, and I just felt sorry for her.

I try and not to judge others, but the very fact that I use the word “try”, means I do.  I don’t mean to, and I make an effort to question any judgement that pops in my mind, and I ask myself what else could be true…..?

Maybe that woman on the park bench wasn’t the Mother of the baby, maybe it was an Aunty, Baby-sitter or even Grandma?

Maybe she was going through P.N.D. just like I was when I walked on by, and that was her only way of coping?

Maybe that child yesterday had a terminal illness and because she was going to die this year anyway she ate whatever she wanted?

Maybe that wasn’t her parents, as maybe they died in a car crash like 2 years ago and the little girl got through the ordeal with eating?

Maybe, just maybe?

Motherhood is a tough gig and we survive, learn, adapt, mould, grow and are challenged, seriously challenged.

By ourselves, by others, but mostly ourselves.

I know I’m not perfect, so why do I pass judgement on others still? 

“My child would never bla bla bla…..”

“I would never bla bla bla…..”

Ugghhh. Bullshit.

I couldn’t sleep last night thinking about judgement and those two women.  I don’t know other peoples stories, why they do what they do, and really it’s none of my business.  It doesn’t affect my life, but I observe, judge and move on thinking how I would change things or maybe do things “better”.

I lay there restless trying to justify my thoughts and Uncle Jim’s words rang in my ear.

Jodie, every second you spend talking about or thinking about someone else, is time you are not working on yourself.”


Thanks for the reminder Uncle Jim.

Off to work I go.