I remember in high school I was the victim of a school bully.

I was a little shy, unsure of myself and the bully picked up on this and realised that I was an easy target to make herself feel better about herself.

Today I feel sorry for her, but back then I was scared and didn’t know what to do, other than avoid her in the school yard.

She started spreading rumours that was she was to “Bash me”, and being in Grade 8 and not an outspoken person, I never told anyone.

The day did come where she “Bashed me” and I did what I could in self-defence.  The incident lasted only a few minutes as she came to me swinging and with verbal abuse (about what….?  I have no idea).

She walked away, back into class and I thought to myself, well if I tell the Teacher they will do what is supposed to happen and she will get in trouble by the Principle.

The sad thing is; the Teacher did nothing and I went home and cried.

The Bully won that day.

Now that I’m a grown woman I have a PASSION to ensure that I stand up to ALL future bullies and last night I was SHOCKED, DISGUSTED and MORTIFIED at witnessing first hand a cyber bully.

I’ve heard about “cyber bullying” before and haven’t paid much attention to the media attention it gets as it’s normally to do with young, immature boys and girls, who clearly are still finding themselves in life.

But last night, the cyber bully was a grown woman with a well known “popular” blog, The Imperfect Mum.

The victim, Anna Mills from Confessions of a Psychologist.

The bully attacked “online”.

She hurled abusive language “online”.

She taunted and heckled and encouraged others “online.”

She deleted comments she didn’t like that were others defending the person that was attacked.

She then deleted the WHOLE THREAD overnight, maybe out of embarrassment and realisation of what she’d said…..?

The behaviour is still disgusting me, given that we all have a right to freedom to speech and we ALL have the right to disagree, but there is never a need to be disagreeable.

I have reported the Bully to Facebook and encourage others that witnessed it to do the same.

If nothing is done, the bully wins, and the behaviour WILL BE repeated in the future.

It kind of reminds me of the behaviour that Myke Tyson displayed when he bit off Hollyfield’s ear…..


So, what are you going to do?

Sit on the fence in silence?

I hope not.

That is all.