So that BBQ that I was at last weekend was interesting….

In a good way.

Ignoring the tiff that Hubby and I had, about his faux pair in communication, there was a lovely woman there who is expecting her first in May next year.

Our mutual friend was playing the WOW hostess that she is and introduced us and of course the conversation steered towards pregnancy etc….

Then she asked me the question.

“So, how have you gone with motherhood, are you enjoying it……?”

Such a sweet innocent question from an expecting Mum, but bloody hell how do I approach this with a woman I just met?!

My mind raced with the options…..

a) I could lie flat out and say how freakn wonderful it is bla bla bla and continue to be a part of the B.S. that I see in the media.

That’s the answer I’m sure we all want to hear in the beginning, right?!

And I’m not normally the type of person to share my “troubles” with others and dive into conversations about poor me….Who am I to burst her bubble and bring a shade of grey to her motherhood journey?

OR, I could…..

b) Tell the god damn truth and let this new mother have a first hand insight into what was never talked about with me.

But do I want to be the one that bursts her bubble of that giddy excitement we all faced?

Well, burst her bubble is what I did.

Actually, it’s been quite tough for me, I’m just recovering from post natal depression and just starting to enjoy motherhood now…..”

The look on her face said it all.


I knew I needed to go into damage control as she did not expect that answer and I didn’t want to leave this poor woman freaked out about her pending journey!

So, we chatted, she asked questions and she listened.

Why is it that any new Mum I see now, I feel this twinge of sorrow for them because of the innocent ignorance we all experience….?

She asked how I knew I had “it?”, and all I could say was that it was a slow spiral downwards with crying everyday and a desperate feeling of not wanting to be alone with my child.

I repeated myself quiet a lot with, “Make sure you ask for help and when someone says they want to come over and visit the baby,” you say….

“Sure, as long as you bring a cooked meal I can pop in the freezer or come over 30min earlier to do some house work for me….”

Blunt much?

OR this one…

“That would be great for you to come over and see the baby so I can have some time-out and leave the house, when would you like to come….?”

I hope I helped her and made her just a little aware and I hope she took my suggestions seriously.