So I had this crazy idea to start writing letters to my daughter Gen….

Thought it would be a great way to document her life with me, and something for us both to look back on and hopefully laugh, smile and reminisce on together…..

So, here goes!

Dear Gen,

Honey I can’t believe you are nearly 1!  Only one more week til your Teddy Bear Picnic and there’s still a lot to organise!

You’ll soon learn honey, that I’ll often leave things to the last minute.  It doesn’t mean that it’s not important, it’s just “me”.  I could try and change and become more organised with our home life, but really, I wouldn’t be the real me if I did! I’m so organised with our business, that I love my private life with you and Daddy to have spontaneity.  Daddy and I have always been like that.

I’ve learned that everyone in life is different and the most important thing is to love yourself and be true to who YOU are. 

No doubt, the “Organisation Queen” will come out in me about 48 hours prior to your party kick off and no doubt this will drive other people crazy that I’m not “organised” yet!

Their challenge not mine.

I know the most important thing is to make sure you have FUN and to be present with you at every single moment.

So here’s to a huge celebration with you in just over a week! 


P.S. I love you bubba xxxxxxx

P.P.S. Daddy and I are going on a date tonight, could I ask for a favour for you to sleep through the night?

Your milestone this week:

I saw you clap for the first time when we were driving home from the shops today.

I was waiting for the traffic lights to change and looking at you in the review mirror and there you were clapping your hands together!