It’s not often that I wish days away, to hurry up and move on; but yesterday was one of those days.

Feelings weighing me down and getting the better of me.

I hate not being able to shake off those feelings….guilt, frustration, sadness.  A trio of emotions that guarantee a roller-coaster ride when all you want to do is get off the ride, but you can’t see when it’s meant to end.

I made a point of “thinking happy thoughts”, saying “positive things”, but I’ve learned that dancing with all emotions is the best way to move forward.

I now acknowledge them, honour them but don’t define myself by them.

So, today’s a new day…..

It got me thinking about my spirit; that soul inside that brightens my day.

It also got me thinking about a special day last year when I was pregnant and dealing with the concept of *the change* that was happening in my life.

Whenever I feel a little lost, I always go back to these words.

I hope they ignite your spirit in some way as it does to me….. xxxx

I am a Woman

I am a woman of strength, crystal clear of my soul,

Its intentions and desires, lead me forward towards my goals.

Stakes are set in stand, planted firmly with intent,

But I know full well, it’s sand and not cement.


I am a woman of strength, firm in my resolve,

Rooted deeply with energy, seeing my desires unfold.

Waves of thought, are calmly released,

Specificity now vibrates with flow and ease.


I am a woman of strength, confident to advance,

Acknowledging the past, with just a single glance.

Like a lioness, like a butterfly, I know who I am,

A powerhouse of spirit – I am a woman.

*Hugs*……Jods xx

….Me (pregnant) on my writing couch…